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Sandy Esprit Ottawa Mom Blogger Shares Her Personal Story

I'm Becoming The Woman That I Really Like | Sandy Esprit

Please read Sandy's story of discovering herself and her passions through different stages in her life. Sandy shares a great reminder that it's oka...
Gratitude Journal for Women

3 Tips to Help You Master Monday's

Mondays are known for having a bad reputation, but seriously what did they ever do to us? There are mixed emotions across the board; some view Mond...
Self published author

Confessions of a Self Published Author

If you haven’t already guessed, being a self published author is H-A-R-D! There are many, many closed doors, road blocks, silent screams and moment...
Canadian Author Robyn Liechti | Journals of Discovery

Valuable Lessons of 2019

Each December I take time to reflect on the year - the struggles, successes and lessons. Reflecting on 2019, I realized there were three major and ...
The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change resting on white blanket and couch

How The Five Minute Journal Positively Impacted my Life

My Personal Experience with The Five Minute Journal After releasing The Making of a Grateful Heart, my children’s gratitude journal, parents were c...
Shop Local Quote on Chalkboard Sign

7 Ways to Support Local Businesses on a Budget

7 Ways to Support Local Businesses on a Budget Are you wanting to support local small businesses this Christmas season but you aren’t sure how? Or,...
Shop local quote - In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop local

Simcoe County Top 12 Christmas Gift Guide!

A Top 12 Christmas Gift Guide for Shopping Local in Simcoe County!
Child holding heart shaped stone

My Grateful Heart & Life

Let’s raise children who won’t need to recover from their childhoods ~ Pam Leo   Gratitude. This one simple word has changed my life forever. I...
Children's daily gratitude journal The Making of a Grateful Heart by Journals of Discovery

How Gratitude Can Help with Back to School Anxiety

Parents… I’ve been there, too! It sometimes feels like you’re the only one having trouble or a hard time with something. I can guarantee you’re not...
Woman writing in hardcover journal

3 Common Misconceptions of Journaling

There are many misconceptions about keeping a journal or diary. I discuss how journaling can be fun, uplifting and not as time consuming as you may think.
Woman sitting in chair writing in journal

The 5 W's of Journaling You Need to Know

Journaling doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. It can be fun, easy and relaxing, and I want to show you how. Here we discuss who, what, where, when and why you could benefit from keeping a journal!
Canadian author Robyn Liechti in white lace dress with The Great Canadian Woman podcast host Sarah Swain

Robyn Liechti Guest Features

Guest Posts GRAND Magazine GRAND Magazine has been kind enough to post a review for our journal The Making of a Grandparent. GRAND is an inspiri...