3 Tips to Help You Master Monday's

Mondays are known for having a bad reputation, but seriously what did they ever do to us? There are mixed emotions across the board; some view Monday’s as the day that’s ending a weekend of fun and freedom, while others view Monday as a fresh start. If you fall into the emotions of the first, let’s master the Monday blues together with three steps including gratitude, intentions and time.

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Start a gratitude journal! Jot down at least five things every morning that you’re grateful for.

Having a positive mindset and practicing gratitude is extremely beneficial in all circumstances. Honestly, Monday isn’t always my favourite day of the week either. However, when I feel my mindset shift in a negative direction I focus and remind myself Monday is a day like all others, and whether its at the beginning, middle or end of the week, I’m grateful I’m here to experience it.

Over the years those I’ve met who absolutely despise Monday’s have one thing in common - they aren’t happy with their job. This opens an entirely other conversation, but gratitude can still help. Sometimes there are jobs we need to do while working towards what we want to do. Finding gratitude is easy, and it can positively affect our mindset, mood and attitude along the way - even on a Monday morning!


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Be intentional about your time and get excited for it! Use Monday as the day you set goals and intentions. This helps give your week purpose, something to work towards and a reason to stay focused. Whether your intention is to be patient with your children, job hunt, grow your network or make time for self-care, it’s important to be clear on what you want and need from the week.

Setting intentions gives you something to get excited about, and keeps you on track no matter what day it is. Write out your intentions for the week and keep it visible as a reminder of what you’re working towards personally or professionally.

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Monday’s can be terrifying! You catch a glimpse of your family calendar while walking by the fridge and it’s covered in appointments, meetings, dinner dates and extra-curricular activities. Not only is this overwhelming, it’s a nightmare. What if we purposely said no to things, not because we’re already busy but because we don’t want to be busy? I’ve always felt life’s a competition on who is the busiest and that’s a competition I won’t compete in.

Clear a night, or two or three, in your week and give yourself a break and evening off to look forward to. Maybe it will be every Wednesday so you know you have a mid-week night all to yourself, or maybe it will be Monday night so you’re starting the week off rested. Whichever night, or day, you choose enjoy the quiet time.

Imagine how better of a day, or week we can have just by shifting our mindset around Monday’s. And how excited we could be on Monday’s if we gave it the same praise as Friday’s?! Start the week with a positive attitude of gratitude, set the tone for your week through intentions and make time for yourself!


Check out our collection of guided journals and use them as a tool for setting intentions, reflecting and celebrating you!


All the best,