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Meet Robyn


Daily self-care guided journals and journal prompts by Journals of Discovery

daily self-care guided journals and prompts for self-discovery by Journals of Discovery and Robyn Liechti

Hi, I’m Robyn!

And this is how it all began…

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved keeping a diary, or journal as we often call them now. It was like having another friend that I could confide in, trust, grow with and learn from. I didn’t need to worry about being judged or fitting in, my journal allowed me to be me at all times.

As an adult my journal has been my free therapist. It reveals thought and behavioural patterns, my strength and resilience, and it gives my story a safe home.

After my grandma’s had passed away I was lucky enough to receive a few of their belongings. As special as they are, I found myself more curious about the stories behind the heirlooms than the actual items.

I started having regrets of not asking my grandmother’s more questions, not digging deeper and not learning of the incredible stories and events that shaped them into the incredible women they were.

To help and prevent others from having the same regrets, I turned my loss into a learning experience and created The Making of a Grandparent, a guided keepsake journal for grandparents. I wanted to ensure that grandchildren and future generations would have the opportunity of reading their grandparent’s thoughts, feelings and experiences for many years.

There is something so special and heartfelt about a grandparent’s handwriting and stories in their own words.

Soon after releasing The Making of a Grandparent, I realized we all have stories that deserve to be told. More often than not we compare our stories, we hide our stories and we try to fit into the world. Our lives aren’t meant to conform to one another though, they are meant to be authentic, empowered, fully lived and celebrated through self-care and self-discovery.

That's when the collection of guided self-care journals for self-discovery began.

Most of my introductions typically begin with telling others I’m a mom of two boys, a partner and a hardworking business owner. I’ve learned over the years though, that as much as we love and pour ourselves into these roles, they aren’t what define us.

Have you felt defined by your roles before, too?

After years of practicing the usual self-care routine of bubble baths and spa days, I’ve found those are simply bandaids. They make us feel good in the moment, we return to the exact same life finding ourselves overwhelmed or exhausted again, and when we reach our tipping point we decide we need a few minutes to ourselves. It’s become a cycle.

This is why, for me, self-care is an internal journey self-discovery.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about journaling because it’s helped me during all stages of life including job changes, mental health issues, divorce, having children, daily challenges and much more. 

Journaling has helped me find, create and celebrate my journey every step of the way.

The collection of guided self care journals has been created to help you find, create and celebrate yourself as well, no matter what stage of life you’re in. The journal prompts for self discovery will have you reflecting on your personal story, celebrating your journey and discovering your true self so you can live an empowered, fulfilled and happier life.

An empowered life begins with a discovered and celebrated life.

I have had so much fun putting these guided journals and free journal prompts together for you. I’d tell you to trust me, because they will forever change your life, but I’d rather you see for yourself!

boss babe journal for women in business with journal prompts by Journals of Discovery

Who am I beyond an author, entrepreneur and mama?

  • I love a beautiful landscape and enjoy hiking or being on the water with my family.
  • I spend my evenings reading, writing and cuddling up to watch a Netflix episode or two. Okay, three or four.
  • I start and end every day with a journal entry no matter how busy I am.
  • I’ve never had a cup of coffee. My energy comes from rest, green juice and listening to what my mind and body needs each day.
  • I’m a vegetarian, and I’m very passionate about nourishing my body with healthy foods.
  • I love laying on the beach, and I also love exploring new places. My favourite travel adventure was to Iceland, it was beyond incredible.
  • I believe everyone has a story that deserves to be told.
  • I’m Robyn… the one who is always smiling.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know myself, and the mission, of Journals of Discovery. The heart and passion that goes into each and every one of the journals, blog posts or guided journal prompts is extensive.
Your self-care and self-discovery is important to me, and I wish you all the best on your journey of celebrating your incredible self.

Happy journaling!

Your Friend,

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