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Guidance for aspiring writing and self-published authors


Personal 1:1 mentorships have been known to yield incredible results. Working with Robyn directs and supports you in building and integrating creativity, clarity, focus, and confidence into your everyday life. The world needs more individuals who are lit up, passionate, and share their gifts with the world. Now, let's define your goals and get started!
Writing Coach & Mentor for Self Published Authors


I'd love to support you along the way.

I collaborate with aspiring writers who are eager to share their passion, ideas, and stories with the world. If you seek encouragement, accountability, and expertise in self-publishing, I'm the coach for you. 

Write and self-publish your book with confidence. Leveraging my experience as a self-published author who has successfully navigated the creation and release of eight journals/books, I am well-equipped to support you in all stages of the process. Whether you require assistance with accountability, goal setting, printing, a marketing plan, book outline, or book launch, I am dedicated to making each step as seamless as possible.


accountability for writers and self published authors


Together, we can establish a clear and achievable goal. I'll help you stay focused, on track, and accountable as you follow your action plan. While I can't do the work for you, I'm excited to have your back and guide you forward.

encouragement for writers and self published authors


With my experience and certification as a professional life coach, I'm confident in providing the encouragement you need on those days requiring a little extra reassurance, belief, and support.

Supportive writing coach and mentor for self published authors


Whether it's brainstorming, offering feedback or tips, overcoming writer's block, or crafting a book outline, launch plan, or marketing strategy, I'm here to support you at every step. You don't have to navigate this path alone! 

advice from self published author and writing coach


I've walked in your shoes. I've learned the do's and don'ts. I've discovered what works and what doesn't. As a self-published author, I defied the odds, selling approximately15,000 books (and still going!). I believed in myself, and I believe in you.

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Writing coach and mentor for self published authors

What Makes Robyn's Approach Different?

Writing coach and mentor for self published authors

Learn Firsthand About Self-Publishing
I've been in your shoes—an idea, a blank page in hand, numerous options, and no clue what to do next. I've experienced the overwhelm, confusion, and nervousness. Having navigated the terrain successfully, I'm eager to help you.

Life Coach & Writing Coach In One
You can have the best of both worlds! A writing coach to support you through your writing goals and a life coach to guide you through any fears, doubts, and uncertainty that may arise. 

I firmly believe the world needs more people who are lit up, passionate, and excited to share their gifts. For me, it's much more than writing a book; it's about purpose, awareness, self-belief, and filling a piece in the world's puzzle.

Writing coach and mentor for self publishing authors

Maybe this is you...

  • You've been nurturing a book idea for months or even years and feel ready to transform it into a book. 
  • You're prepared to create a solid plan and embark on the writing journey.
  • Transforming your book into a business is the next exciting step for you.
  • An idea has been planted in your heart, and your love for writing is there for a reason.
  • You're ready to take action, envisioning a completed book in your hands.
empowerment quote

And maybe you haven't arrived at these yet
(keyword, yet!) because..

  • You’ve been hard on yourself and have forgotten your strengths, skills, and value.
  • Fears, doubt, or insecurities may be knocking at the door.
  • You occasionally question your worthiness as a writer.
  • The thought lingers: are there already enough books out there?
  • You're uncertain about where to start.
writing coach and mentor for self publishing authors

I'd love to assist you in bridging the gap because..

  • That brilliant idea is in you for a reason.
  • There are people out there eagerly waiting to discover you and your book.
  • The world yearns for more individuals who do what they love.
  • Your unique gifts are meant to be shared.
  • I genuinely believe in you, and your book matters.


Robyn is deeply passionate about serving others. She thrives on inspiring others to cultivate self-awareness, embrace a new empowering belief system, and live intentionally. Whether it's through her guided journals, coaching sessions, podcast episodes, or social media posts, she consistently leads with her heart.


choose between two writing mentorship programs:


Are you ready to transform your idea into a book? Prepared to create an action plan to see the project through? Need guidance in navigating the self-publishing world? Seeking assistance with brainstorming ideas, holding yourself accountable, or setting and achieving writing goals? Interested in turning your book into a business, but not sure where to start?

The Getting Started package is crafted specifically for you and your writing and self-publishing journey. Following a comprehensive exploration of your goals and current experience, I will help you gain clarity on where you are, where you want to go, and the steps you can focus on to get there.

Price: $525
(1) payment of $525 or (2) monthly payments of $263
writing mentorship and coaching for self publishing authors


Have you embarked on writing a book, only for the effort to be short-lived? Or perhaps, you're staring at a blank page, unsure of where to begin? Do you crave more support, clarity, and accountability to breathe life into your writing goals? Are you tired of battling procrastination and self-doubt, and eager to share your ideas and book with the world?

The All In package is designed for those ready to, you guessed it, go all in! We'll assess what's working for you and what isn't, creating a tailored plan to set your writing, book, or marketing, in motion. The additional support in this package is perfect for fostering accountability, building self-belief, preparing for challenges, and navigating obstacles as they arise. I'll be there with you every step of the way!

Price: $1775
(1) payment of $1775 or (5) monthly payments of $355
Empowerment Coaching Program for Women Ontario Canada

Getting Started is a custom roadmap with 1:1 support alongside your writing and self-publishing journey. Whether you haven't written a single word or have a completed manuscript, I'm here to support you through the planning, writing, launch, and/or marketing phases. The journey of writing and self-publishing can seem overwhelming, especially with other commitments like family, friends, and work, but it doesn't have to be. Together, we can make sure your writing and self-publishing journey is as enjoyable, smooth, and successful as possible.
Upon completion of this package, single sessions can be scheduled as needed.
Writing coach and mentor for self publishing authors
All In encapsulates the essence of Getting Started but goes the extra mile with weekly 1:1 sessions and the availability of a "Pinch" call to ensure you receive the utmost support. While I can't write the book for you, I promise to personally guide and support you throughout your writing and self-publishing journey. This 20-week program will not only challenge you to take ownership of your writing goals but also inspire you to transform your idea into a book, and even turn that book into a business!
Upon completion of this package, single sessions can be scheduled as needed.

still unsure which package is best for you?

please email Robyn at info [at] to discuss


Step into your most empowered chapter yet.

Unlock your boundless potential. 

 Break free from old stories, limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits that are no longer serving you. 

Bid farewell to fear or ego based decisions.

Tap into your inner guidance system. 

 Cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and belief. 

 Clear and achievable goals and an aligned action plan. 

Hold a completed book in your hands.

Experience success as a self-published author.

I can't do it for you... but I'm happy to show you the way!

What to Expect



Define your clear and realistic writing goals, establish a timeline, and strategize for potential obstacles. Delve into your genre, pinpoint your target audience, analyze competitors, and outline main topics/points, characters, plot, and story arc. I'll ensure you are organized and have all your bases covered.


Take Action

You'll embark on a writing journey—penning words, paragraphs, and chapters. And then, you'll write some more. I'll keep you focused, on track, and accountable, offering support at every step of the process you find yourself in.


Market Your Book

Taking action doesn't conclude with writing the book. It's time to place that labour of love (your completed book!) into the hands of those who will cherish it. I can assist in developing your marketing plan for maximum exposure, orchestrating a book launch, and ensuring you step confidently into this exciting new chapter!

writing coach and mentor for self publishing authors

How It Works

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Step One: Apply For Mentorship
Click HERE for mentorship application.

Step Two: Payment & Intake Form
We'll do a comprehensive dive into where you are and where you'd like to go.

Step Three: Receive Support & Get Your Book Out Into The World!
I'm eager to get staretd!

HEY THERE! I'm Robyn.

I understand the challenges of making decisions from old patterns and a place of insecurity. I've experienced the struggle of not speaking up, of doubting my gifts and desires. Over an 9-year journey navigating divorce, grappling with body insecurities, and building a small (but mighty) business of guided journals, I turned inward. Through this process, I rediscovered who I am. I rewrote my beliefs, reconnected with my heart, practiced self-belief, embodied my favourite self, and, most importantly, took intentional action to live authentically. 

Now, I'd love to help you do the same!
writing coach and mentor for self publishing authors
I'm here to assist aspiring writers in reaching their writing and self-publishing goals, empowering them to do what they love and share their unique gifts with the world. Get ready to transition from autopilot to taking control. The driver's seat is yours— it's your time!
Robyn Liechti
Author, Podcast Host, Empowerment Life Coach & Writing Mentor

my promise to you...





Commonly Asked Questions

I’m already halfway through my manuscript, how will coaching further benefit me?

A writing coach can provide a clear perspective while providing accountability, and encouragement. They can also be the cheerleader you may, or may not have known, you needed. Writing coaches can also offer clarity around goal setting, action plans, and helping you achieve your goals by setting practices in place that build consistency. 

With my personal experience in self-publishing, I can also offer knowledge regarding the process, what to expect, what to avoid, and how to maximize your efforts.

What makes you a good fit as a writing coaching?

I am a self-published author myself! I released my first guided journal in 2018, The Making of a Grandparent, and have since released 7 other journals and a children’s storybook titled More Than Anything. I have navigated writing, planning, logistics, marketing, launches, and much more.
I’ve sold approximately15,000 books (and still going!), and I’m eager to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. Before I released my first journal, I read that self-published authors could expect to sell no more than 200 copies of their book, and I made it my mission to not become one of those statistics. My secret? Seeing myself as a business owner.
Now, I’d love to help you bust through that glass ceiling as well.

Why do I need to apply for mentorship?

To ensure I deliver my best service, I limit the number of clients I take on at a given time. I practice what I preach by avoiding overscheduling and preventing burnout, as I understand the impact of being overtired or stressed on my professional life.

Moreover, I want to ensure that I am a good fit for you! Your success and satisfaction are my priorities.

Do you offer single coaching sessions?

Single sessions are available to clients upon completion of any coaching package. These are available for check in's, maintenance, or when faced with a challenge on your path. I believe making a shift in your life requires consistency.

Still have questions?

I’d be happy to answer them. Please email me at info [at]  

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