Valuable Lessons of 2019

Each December I take time to reflect on the year - the struggles, successes and lessons. Reflecting on 2019, I realized there were three major and valuable lessons. I’m sharing them with you in hopes they resonate and inspire you to create a 2020 that best serves you as well.

Canadian Author Robyn Liechti | Journals of Discovery

Lesson One: Stop Comparing

This goes both personally and in business. It’s so easy to compare ourselves, our appearance, our success and which stage of our business we’re in. I have had the pleasure of meeting many business owners and I’m constantly reminding myself their path is different then mine. We are in different stages of growth and we’re headed to different destinations. What’s the point of comparing anyway? It does more harm than good, and it’s simply a waste of time. Instead, I’ve learned to stay focused on my own goals, milestones and mission and be happy for others along the way.

Lesson Two: A “No” isn’t a Dead End

If I quit the first time I heard “no”, I would’ve quit on my very first day. I still remember that first day like it was yesterday. My very first journal The Making of a Grandparent had been printed and I was visiting stores asking if they’d stock them. It only took an hour to hear my first “No”. Initially I was crushed, embarrassed and assumed everyone thereafter would say no, too. Clearly I was being overdramatic and soon realized “no” isn’t a dead end, it’s simply redirecting me to my destination. Don’t take a no personally, trust the redirection.

Scandinave Spa Collingwood Spa Day with Friends

Lesson Three: Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Harder

I always feel the pressure to work 24/7 and hustle, hustle, hustle. That, however, leads to exhaustion, being unproductive, burnout and a loss of passion. Instead, I work hard with realistic timeframes, play hard with family and rest as often as I can (which often includes carving out the time). It may not be a full weekend or week off, but there are numerous baths, quiet nights and yes, spa days with my girlfriends (as seen above - The Scandinave Spa is my favourite!). Rest and self-care is essential for all aspects of my life and makes me appreciate my business, family and myself on a deeper level.

Take time to journal and reflect on your year. Where have you grown? Where would you like to grow? And, what did you learn? There is an enormous amount of knowledge in our everyday being when we make time for reflection. Use your new experiences and insights to inspire and enhance your family life, your business journey and the connection with yourself.

Why reflecting is important:

We often hear "don't look back, you aren't going that way." But, I tend to disagree. Reflecting for me is about growth and finding lessons. These insights help better equip me for my future and what's to come while building confidence I can face it head on. I use journaling to reflect daily, but in a grander picture I enjoy reflecting on the year as a whole!

Write. Reflect. Learn. Grow.

If you’re interested in journaling but don’t think you know how, or even if you keep a daily journal, please check out our collection of guided journals. Our keepsake journals provide a place for your story, reflection and growth.

I wish you all the best for 2020!