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Confessions of a Self Published Author

If you haven’t already guessed, being a self published author is H-A-R-D! There are many, many closed doors, road blocks, silent screams and moments of “why am I doing this?” . Then, a single sale or email comes in, or a positive note from someone whose life I’ve touched and suddenly I’m reminded of why I chose this path. And, as I reflect on my first year and a half of self publishing I have a few confessions to make.


Self published author


As much as I love writing, it’s really only 10%, or less, of the work. I view and treat self publishing as running a business. There’s marketing, sales, events, web design, shipping and the list goes on. What first inspired me to self publish was to help other families, and if I stopped at writing the journals, they likely wouldn’t have reached further than friends and family. So, I consider myself an entrepreneur who is determined, and consistently finding creative ways to get my journal collection out into the world and into your hands!



Okay, I knew it was going to be tough, but a part of me thought, “I’m finally aligning with what I was meant to do, so it’s all going to come together overnight and with ease”. Well, maybe not over night, but quickly. And, maybe it is happening quickly I just don’t realize because I’m in the middle of it and have nothing to compare to. 
There are a few areas I find tough, working two jobs at once, balancing home and work life, creating exposure and being a “saleswoman”. I’ve always been the silent type (some may say shy), and putting myself and my work out into the world can sometimes feel intimidating. And, aside from being a mom, it’s been the most rewarding experience.

Regardless of how tough it can feel, I believe consistency and hard work pays off. So, I’m banking on the universe rising to my dreams and goals when it sees my stubbornness and determination!



I hoped my friends and family would be behind me when I first decided to self publish journals. But, I quickly realized they weren’t behind me, they were beside me. From proofreading to deliveries, or offering an ear to coming to events, they’ve been beside me every step of the way. Not only have friends and family members been supportive, the local community has been as well.

I had no idea how many people love supporting local businesses until this venture. I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s support, and I can acknowledge it’s played a huge part in the success of my books.

Self published author


It’s true, I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Every time I’m asked “how did you self publish your books? How did you know what to do?”, I simply tell them I googled it. Even after releasing seven books, I can confess I do not have it all figured out, nor do I have all the answers. However, Google has become a great friend of mine and has not led me astray yet! If there’s something you’re wanting more information on, a starting point or ideas, research. Then, research again and again until you’re satisfied with your answer.


One of the strongest things we can do is ask for help. It took me awhile to ask for help, not just in business, but as a mom and woman. And, the truth is, I simply decided I can’t do it all. If I did I would be exhausted, working 24/7 and not having very much fun. And what would be the point of that? So, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that sure, you probably could do it all but you don’t have to!
Whether it’s friends, family or my partner, I know they want to see me succeed and without their help, I wouldn’t be able to.



Feel free to review this blog and find as many comma errors as you’d like, it doesn’t bother me! Okay it does a little, but I will be the first to admit I’m not an English major, and there is a reason why I use an editor for the actual books and journals. My point is, you don’t have to be perfect at everything to begin or to be successful. Focus on your strengths and work with people who are able to fill in the gaps. By doing this myself I’m less stressed, less worried about being “perfect”, and I free up more time to do what I enjoy.
I’m sure as I proceed with this journey I will have more confessions to make, but I thought it’d be fun to share a bit of my behind the scenes thoughts. It’s easy to look at someone, especially in business, and think they have everything all together. Which, maybe they do, but with it comes quirks, struggles and everyday experiences just like yourself. As I reread this I’m reminded to not take myself or business so seriously. That it’s okay to not have everything figured out and to enjoy the ups and downs because without them, it’d likely be pretty boring.

Write. Reflect. Learn. Grow.

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