7 Ways to Support Local Businesses on a Budget

7 Ways to Support Local Businesses on a Budget

Are you wanting to support local small businesses this Christmas season but you aren’t sure how? Or, maybe you’re on a budget? No problem!

I’ve summed up seven easy ways you can support small businesses in your local area, and most are without spending a dollar. (I was going to write penny, but I realized we don’t use them anymore! Oops!)


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Don’t worry, we as small businesses understand it may not always be feasible or affordable to buy from every single one of us, which is why I’ve created this tip list. There are so many easy, simple, quick and effective ways you can support local. And, you can start today!

1. Share their photos and posts on social media

This is so quick, friends! Facebook and Instagram already have ‘share’ buttons that make it easy! Aren’t sure how? I can help with that too, follow these links.

How to share Instagram posts 

How to share Facebook posts 

2. Leave a comment or tag one, two, three (you get the point) of your friends in their post

Maybe your friends or family members would be interested in these local products or services? Tag them to find out, or leave a comment of support for the small business.

3. If browsing a store or window shopping, give a shoutout on social media

Whether you’re making a purchase or window shopping, make a small video or take a photo of a few special finds and share on social media. Don’t forget to tag the maker or store, they’ll love it!

4. Pin their products on Pinterest

Pinterest has made it incredibly easy to pin your favourites! Create a new board on your page for your local favourites.

How to create a pin on Pinterest 

5. Spread the word

I know there has been a lot of emphasis on social media, and that’s mainly because it has such a wide audience. But, we should never underestimate the power of old fashioned word of mouth. Tell a friend… in person!

6. Leave positive reviews on Google or their Facebook page

Google and Facebook have made leaving reviews so easy. The amount of detail you add is up to you, leave a star base rating, or go all out in full detail of what you enjoy about their product/service. Good ratings help others base their decisions and trust me, the business owner will LOVE seeing a positive review.

How to leave a Google review 

How to leave a Facebook review or recommendation 

7. Last but not least….. Choose one holiday or occasion a year that you’ll dedicate to purchasing from local businesses

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, choose one occasion to shop from local businesses. There are many businesses that offer great gifts for holidays, special occasions or day to day items. If you’re looking for some ideas please check out Simcoe County Top 12 Christmas Gift Guide for a starting point.

Are you still wondering why it’s important to support local businesses? If you are, it’s because…

1. When you order from a small business there is legit someone doing a happy dance! I know this first hand because I’m that person, and I know many, many others as well.

2. Everyone benefits from supporting local - the business owner, their community and the economy as a whole.

3. Small businesses offer creativity and uniqueness that you often can’t find in big box stores. Sure they have beautiful items, but they will be the exact same as the thousands of others who just purchased it. Spice it up!

4. The money a small business earns goes back into your local community.

5. You are supporting someones dream!

Thank you for taking the time to support local! I can promise you it’s greatly appreciated.

All the best,