30 Journal Prompts for Relief of Stress & Anxiety

30 Days of Journal Prompts for Stress & Anxiety

Guided journal prompts for stress relief, anxiety and depression by Journals of Discovery


We’ve put together 30 Journal Prompts for Stress & Anxiety to encourage you to pause, take a deep breath and focus your awareness on the present moment. With the heightened anxiety around the current pandemic it’s understandable that many of us are experiencing fear, being overwhelmed, stress, loneliness and more. Journaling is a great tool to release your thoughts, feelings and worries while focusing on the present moment and things that are in your control. Most of our stress and anxiety comes from thinking of the past, worrying about the future, or trying to control things around us. When you’re experiencing anxiety it’s important to be aware of your thoughts, look at where you are and what you can do today. I hope these journal prompts will help remind you of today and focus your thoughts in a calming way that brings you more peace, joy and harmony.

Whether you use one journal prompt a day for a month, or answer all of the journal prompts in one sitting, it's completely up to you. I'm simply grateful you'll be practicing journaling to help bring mindfulness and peace into your day. Also, be sure to check out our guided wellness and self care journals. Happy Journaling!


It’s extremely common for many of us to experience stress or anxiety from time to time. Anxiety can naturally occur when there are fears or concerns around a situation or future event. We may experience being anxious about a new job, moving, a new chapter in life, and more. Usually we can move through these fears and concerns overtime with help from family, friends, meditation, journaling, etc. However, if you are having difficulties navigating please read below.

Note: If your feelings of anxiousness are extreme, and they are interfering with your daily life, you may have an anxiety disorder. There are links at the bottom of this page for additional resources as these journal prompts are not intended to act as a substitute for professional care.


Journal prompts are guided questions to encourage exploring new topics and reflection of oneself. Guided questions sometimes vary by specific topics such as healing, self-love or self-discovery, gratitude, stress and much more. So, whether you're pursuing personal growth or development in a specific area, or would simply enjoy writing suggestions, then journal prompts are for you!



Guided journal prompts are beneficial to those who want to write in a journal but aren't sure what to write about. And, they're also a great way for daily journal writers to switch it up and add something new to their journal. Here are a few benefits of using journal prompts for anxiety:

  • Helps you become aware of patterns in stress and anxiety triggers
  • Allows you to recognize and release negative thoughts and feelings
  • Increases positivity and mood
  • Encourages a feeling of well-being

Review a comprehensive list of 83 Benefits of Journaling for Depression, Anxiety and Stress from Positive Psychology.



Provides self-discovery, self-awareness and reflection
Encourages creativity, positivity and mindfulness
Provides clarity of thoughts and feelings
Builds resilience and confidence
Reduces stress and anxiety by keeping you in the present moment and releasing emotions or thoughts
Can improve your sleep and overall mental wellness



How you decide to use journal prompts is ultimately up to you! Whether you wish to sit and answer 10 questions all at once, or prefer to answer one question a day, it's at your discretion. I enjoy answering one question a day because it allows more time for reflection in-between. To me, journaling is all about reflecting, however there isn’t a right or wrong.

When you are feeling stressed or anxious, pause, take a deep breath then take out this list of journal prompts. Answer a question and bring yourself into the present moment by acknowledging your current thoughts or emotions. Ensure you talk yourself through the feelings to further understand where they are coming from. When you know where they are coming from you have a better understanding of why and how to address them.

I hope you enjoy the 30 Days of Journal Prompts for Stress and Anxiety!

Journal prompts for stress relief, anxiety and depression by Journals of Discovery

Be sure to Download our Printable Version of 30 Days of Journal Prompts for Stress and Anxiety, write from the list below or check out any of our guided self-care journals.


1. I feel happiest when I ___________________ , because: 

2. What was the best thing that happened today?

3. What is something positive I can do today?

4. What am I currently stressed or anxious about?

5. Why am I stressed or anxious about this?

6. List your top three anxious thoughts.

7. What can you replace the anxious thoughts with?

8. Write out a positive daily affirmation today that brings you joy.

9. Remind yourself “I am in control of my thoughts, and I believe I can _______.

10. Describe a time where you were anxious about something that never happened.

11. How do you feel when you are stressed or anxious?

12. I would like to feel _________________ instead.

13. Write two actions you can take today to let go of negative feelings.

14. List three things you’re grateful for today.

15. Describe a recent challenge you’ve overcome.

16. How did you overcome the challenge?

17. What did you learn from the challenge?

18. Today I will focus on ____________, because _______________.

19. Am I around a person or situation that adds to my stress or anxiety?

20. I enjoy being around _______________, because _________________.

21. Today I will spend 15 minutes doing _____________ just for myself.

22. Close your eyes and visualize your happiest self. What did you look and feel like?

23. How do you cope with your stress or anxiety?

24. List three positive experiences you’d like to create this year.

25. Write any limiting beliefs you have and replace them with new, positive ones.

26. Write a goodbye letter to your negative thoughts, stress and anxiety.

27. Describe five things you love about yourself.

28. List three things you CAN control today.

29. Write three positive intentions you will set for today.

30. I love, accept, and embrace my true self because _____________________.

Happy Journaling!


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*These journal prompts do not substitute professional care, if your feelings of anxiety are extreme please speak to a medical professional.