30 Journal Prompts for Beginners


Free journal prompts for self discovery by Journals of Discovery



Are you staring at a blank journal page wondering where to begin or what to write? I've been there too, and I have you covered with 30 Journal Prompts for Beginners.

Here you will find guidance to begin writing one line a day in your journal until you're comfortable with venturing out! These prompts are also great to use if you’re simply looking for a change within your journaling routine.

Enjoy these starting points for your journal and watch for patterns, learn about yourself, become mindful, grow and simply have fun with it. Self care and self love comes from reflecting, accepting your personal story and truly knowing yourself.

We all have a story that deserves to be told, and I hope you are excited to celebrate yours! Happy Journaling!


Journal prompts are guided questions to encourage exploring new topics and reflection of oneself. Guided questions sometimes vary by specific topics such as healing, self-love or self-discovery, and there are also questions that are unrelated. So, whether you're pursuing personal growth or development in a specific area, or would simply enjoy writing suggestions, then journal prompts are for you!


Guided journal prompts are beneficial to those who want to write in a journal but aren't sure what to write about. And, they're also a great way for daily journal writers to switch it up and add something new to their journal. Maybe you're getting bored of always writing the same things in your journal and want to get creative! Here are a few benefits of journal prompts:
  • Helps guide what to write about
  • Self reflection
  • Takes the guess work out of writing
  • Builds confidence
  • New and creative entries in your journal
  • Faster! If you're in a time crunch but want to write, you can simple answer one question a day
  • Self-discovery and reflection
  • Encourages creativity, positivity and mindfulness
  • Provides clarity of thoughts and feelings
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

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How you decide to use journal prompts is ultimately up to you! Whether you'd like to sit and answer 10 questions all at once, or prefer to answer one question a day, it's at your discretion. For myself I enjoy answering one question a day because it allows more time for reflection in-between. To me, journaling is all about reflecting.
I hope you enjoy the 30 Days of Journal Prompts for Beginners!


Free journal prompts for self discovery by Journals of Discovery

Download our Printable Version of 30 Days of Journal Prompts for Beginners or write from the list below!

1. I think…

2. I feel….

3. I am….

4. I believe….

5. I trust that….

6. I wish….

7. I am grateful for….

8. I am aware that….

9. I fear….

10. I get to….

11. I enjoy….

12. I intend to….

13. I would like to….

14. I let go of….

15. I laugh at….

16. I relax by….

17. I will….

18. I have….

19. I remember when….

20. I forget to….

21. I smile when….

22. I learned….

23. I am excited to….

24. I can change the world by….

25. I forgive….

26. I apologize for….

27. I haven’t…..

28. I find fulfillment in….

29. I’m focused on….

30. I love….

Happy Journaling!

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