The Ultimate Self-Care Routine

Do you make time for lunch dates, yearly vacations, nail appointments and reading books, but still don’t feel relaxed or happy? That’s because many of the self-care routines we’re told will help only brush the surface. They are fun and relaxing in the moment but they don’t have us looking within to ask ourselves why we feel overwhelmed, stressed or not good enough in the first place. Mostly, they temporarily cover up our feelings but we never get to the root cause of them. This creates a vicious circle that simply repeats itself over and over.

Redefining self-care has made a drastic improvement in my daily life, and that’s because it’s incorporating ideas and activities that go deeper than the surface. How have I redefined self-care? By not relying on outings or temporary experiences for fulfillment and joy. When we find peace, happiness, abundance and awareness within, we are happy before those experiences and in turn enjoy them even more. We also are less likely to encounter meltdowns and constantly being stressed or overwhelmed.

I encourage you to read on as I explain how redefining self-care, by looking within, can help you live a confident, happier and mindful life.

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What is Self-Care?

Self-care isn’t always pretty. I’m sure you weren’t expecting that as an opening, but we have this idea in our minds that self-care is spa days and walks along the beach. In reality a large part of self care is self discovery, looking within, awareness, knowing who you truly are, listening to your heart and finding what balances you emotionally. Yes, this can be done during a bubble bath or morning tea but it requires consistency, openness, trust, time, patience and quiet. The challenge with relying solely on baths and tea for self care is that typically when we do these actives we’re also doing others, aka multi-tasking. When we’re in the bath or enjoying a tea we’re also reading a book, texting a friend, making a to-do list in our minds and so on.

Life is busy, actually that’s an understatement, life is chaotic. We’re pulled in every which direction, we overextend ourselves and we forget to make ourselves a priority like we do everyone else. By doing this we give the world, our work, our families and friends the rest of us instead of the best of us. When you incorporate self care into your daily routine you fill your cup, recharge your mind, body and soul and stay in your power instead of having to step back into it. When you’re fully yourself you make decisions based on what’s best for you, you stay present and you say no to anything that goes against your values, beliefs and inner truth.

By all means, continue the baths, lunch dates and spa weekends, but also take time for self care that looks within on a deeper level. Self-care that leaves you feeling whole, in tune with your self and not in need of an escape.


Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s how you keep your power, live an empowered life and make the most of every moment.

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Who Should Practice Self-Care?

There’s a lot of talk about mom’s needing self-care, which is true, however it’s something everyone should practice and could benefit from. Men, women, parents, teachers, essential workers, teenagers and even children. Self-care won’t necessarily eliminate life’s obstacles, however it better equips you to face them with self awareness, confidence, positivity and clarity.

Benefits of Practicing Self-Care

If you can make the personal commitment to ensure your inner wellbeing is a priority, you will reap the many benefits of practicing self-care. Having a routine of self-care is essential for maintaining your mental health, physical health and overall happiness. Some of our favourite benefits of practicing self-care are:

  • Helps prevent and manage stress
  • Increases positivity and self awareness
  • Promotes self discovery
  • Enhances your relationship with yourself and others
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves your mental and physical health

The Ultimate Self-Care Routine Example

Alright, now that you’ve read the benefits of self care, and why redefining it is valuable, its time to make yourself a personal commitment to prioritize yourself. An important step to incorporating self care into your daily routine is:
Making a personal commitment with yourself and, 
Scheduling self-care into your daily routine.

Everyone’s routine and schedule is different, but here is a look into mine to give you an idea! Do what works for you, and YOUR schedule. If you try to follow a routine that’s unrealistic for your schedule it will be harder to follow and stick to.


7:30 am - 5 minute gratitude journal entry

9:00 am - 15 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation

3:00 pm - Walk outdoors for a minimum of 30 minutes

9:30 pm - 30-45 minutes for bath / journal entry / meditation


Throughout the day I will hike in the forest, and I even have an hourly reminder set on my phone that asks “Am I aware?” This is to ensure I stop what I’m doing, take a breath and be in the present no matter what I’m doing (even the dishes!). I’ve been unplugging in the evenings at 9:30 pm to ensure I have quiet time to reconnect with myself, calm my mind and reflect before bed.

Our Top 10 Favourite Self-Care Ideas:

These are our favourite self care ideas that reconnect you with yourself and your surrounding. They encourage you to thrive and not just survive. Take time to pause, check in with yourself often and look around at the beauty this earth holds.

1. Guided meditation

2. Silent meditation

3. Reflect in your journal

4. Gratitude practice in your journal

5. Sit or stand outside with your bare feet on the earth for grounding

6. Nature walk taking in all of the sounds, animals and beauty

7. Write yourself a letter

8. Detox bath

9. Rest, nap, full nights sleep

10. Yoga or your favourite way to move your body

I hope we have inspired you to re-evaluate, or create a self-care routine that works for you. You deserve to feel and do your best, and that happens when you are connected with yourself. When you are connected with yourself you will be able to live life empowered, confident and peacefully. Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed or stressed to the max to practice self-care, start today with even a few minutes each day. You deserve to make yourself a priority!

Please be sure to check out our prompted self care and keepsake journals to add to your self care routine. And, our free journal prompts for self love

All the best!