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The Making of a Teacher [Pre Order!]

Robyn Liechti
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The Making of a Teacher

Journal Writing Prompts for Teachers!
The Making of a Teacher is a beautiful guided journal that uncovers experiences, knowledge and insights from your teaching journey. Whether you've been a teacher for 30 years or recently graduated teachers college, this unique journal was made for you!
Teachers have a positive influence on their students each and every day. If you are a teacher, celebrate the difference you're making in your community and preserve your teaching journey along the way. Document your teaching goals, rewards and challenges while embracing your personal story with the 100+ inspirational journal writing prompts. Whether you keep this journal to yourself, or pass it down to a friend, family member or aspiring teacher, your teaching legacy will always have a home.
The Making of a Teacher is also a unique and thoughtful gift for your children's school teachers, your friends, family members or neighbours who are teachers. They will feel honoured knowing how appreciated they are as a teacher.
Happy Journaling!
Journal Features:
  • Hardcover Journal
  • 8.5" x 5.5"
  • 100+ Journal writing prompts for teachers
  • Quotes for teachers
  • Blank pages adjacent to guided questions for diary use or mapping out your goals and plans to achieve them
  • Unique and thoughtful gifts for teachers at Christmas or end of the school year!

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