A hardcover keepsake journal with green flowers grandparents write in by Canadian author Robyn Liechti
Hardcover journal for grandparents on desk with white flowers a laptop and coffee
a guided journal gift wrapper in Kraft paper and twine with personalized note
Guided questions and prompts to ask your grandparent "What is a challenge you've faced?" and "What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't?"
Hardcover journal The Making of a Grandparent stacked on top of books
Smiling woman in black shirt holding grandparents gift The Making of a Grandparent, wrapped in Kraft paper and twine
Woman reading guided questions and prompts in a journal to ask your grandma or grandpa
Grandpa reading his journal, The Making of a Grandparent, to his daughter and grandchild in blue dress outside

The Making of a Grandparent

Robyn Liechti
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The Making of a Grandparent

Grandparent Keepsake Book
The Making of a Grandparent is an inspirational guided keepsake journal. It places the emphasis on the story of your grandparents legacy and not just 'things' or heirlooms. Through a series of questions and journal prompts you will discover and explore the experiences that have shaped your grandparent into the incredible person you know them as today.
Learn about your grandparents childhood, years of growth, insights and untold stories while honouring their journey along the way. The Making of a Grandparent is a great way to open conversations you may not have otherwise had. It can be completed by a grandparent and be passed down for future generations. Or, a grandchild can complete while spending time together and asking the questions. 
The Making of a Grandparent is meant to bring families closer together. It makes a great gift for any grandparent, on any occasion or just because. Cherish your time together, share moments and ask as many questions as you can!  
Journal Details:
  • Hardcover
  • 5.5" W x 8.5" H
  • 96 Pages
  • Guided questions to uncover your grandmother and grandfathers journey
  • Family keepsake book
  • Unique grandparent gifts idea (Baby announcement, Baby shower for new grandparent, Mothers/Father's Day, Christmas, Grandparent's Day, Birthday)
  • Tip: If The Making of a Grandparent is for a new grandparent, consider gifting More Than Anything to the new baby!
  • Complimentary gift wrapping


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