Ep. 18 | Breast Implants & Explant: Overcoming Insecurities & Feeling At Home In My Natural Body

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1. The insecurity that brought me to getting breast implants.

2. How breast implants didn't give me the confidence or self-love I thought they would.

3. Why I decided to have my breast implants removed.

4. I share a few tips for women who would like to have their breast implants removed.


In this open and raw conversation, I share the insecurity that brought me to getting breast implants in the first place. How, from a very young age, I compared my body and refused to love it unless it looked a certain way. Well, when that day came, where I finally had the large breasts, I still didn't love it. I still had insecurities. I still lacked self-esteem and confidence. I thought changing my body would change how I thought about myself, but it didn’t.

Instead, I took a 7 year journey to self-love and acceptance. I focused on my strengths, I got to the root cause of insecurities, and I started to view myself as a whole, complete, woman. I share the reason why I decided to get my implants removed, the recovery process, and 4 tips for women who want to have their implants removed.

This is my story, if you have or are getting implants, you do you. I believe we all have the same information available to us and we are all able to make the decision that’s best for us. I have no regrets about getting breast implants, because they made me realize they weren't the answer to loving myself. I was the answer I was looking for. Spoiler alert: our worth is not measured by our cup size!


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