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40 | Breakdowns, Breakthroughs & Becoming With Natasha Smyth

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1. Natasha shares the breakdown and breakthrough she experienced when in her third trimester of pregnancy.

2. How awareness was the beginning of her inner shifts.

3. The unexpected redirection in her career.

4. The trust Natasha has when doors get closed and the current breakthrough that's happening for her now.


Natasha Smyth, mother, wife, RMT, and founder of Soul Centred Therapeutics, opens up about breakdowns, breakthroughs, and becoming her favourite self. In this episode, Natasha shares how when she was pregnant, she realized she had no idea who she was or what she enjoyed. She takes us through her inner return to self, the practices that worked, the shift in mindset, trust in her gifts and self, and an unexpected redirection in her career. 

Natasha opens up about the current breakthrough that's happening for her now after a fire at her office has displaced her practice. She has combined her RMT practice with energy work and reiki, and is helping her clients find clarity, reduce anxiety, and rediscover their soul's purpose. You can find Natasha on Instagram at: @natashasmyth_ You can also read her guest empowerment blog here. 


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