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31 | For The One Trying To Manifest

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What if instead of trying so hard to manifest.. we surrendered instead? And by surrender i don’t mean give up. I mean let go, ask for your highest time line, ask for a fulfilling and energetic life, ask for abundance and love and joy and success, ask for a life that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and see what nudges come to your heart. Surrender to your heart, and then follow that nudge.

Sometimes when it comes to manifesting we see what other people are doing or what other people have and our visions shrink a little because we’re focusing on what others can do. But what is it YOU are meant for? What is your heart asking of you? Where is your energy leading you? If you are following a path that is truly meant for you, you won’t need to manifest it. You will naturally align with what’s for you and you’ll feel called and urged to take action. You may need to work hard, sure, but you won't need to force anything.


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