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30 | 6 Signs You're Growing, Healing & The Inner Work Is Paying Off

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1. The purpose of doing the inner work isn’t to be perfect, it’s to grow and evolve.

2. A reminder to put the self-help books down once in awhile and put the lessons, teachings, and tools into practice.

3. The 6 signs that the inner growth and healing you're doing…is working!

4. Being triggered the odd time doesn't mean you haven't grown. Being able to look at the situation for what it is with full awareness does.

Episode Description

In this episode, I share 6 signs that your inner work has paid off. That you’ve taken those lessons or teachings and have applied them to your life. Perfection isn’t what we’re striving for here when we’re growing and evolving though. You can heal and grow and still not be perfect, and that’s okay. Perfection would be boring… seriously.

Here are the 6 signs you’ve grown, changed, and are healing: 1. You’ve increased your emotional intelligence 2. You feel safe 3. Your health, sleep, job, and/or relationships have improved 4. You are mindful. 5. You have more confidence 6. You’ve stopped judging yourself for the past. Tune into the full episode to get into more detail on these 6 signs.


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