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28 | Integrating The Energy World Into Your Physical World With Francesca Bonta

The Spirit Unleashed Podcast with Robyn Liechti



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  1. What energy is and how it’s at work in our every day lives even though we can’t physically see it.
  2. The main energy centres (aka Chakras): the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, and what each one represents.
  3. How to move through emotions and clear energy so the energy centre’s don’t get congested.
  4. How staying in a “grey zone” helps regulate and balance life’s ups and downs.
  5. The importance of thinking less and feeling more.
  6. Manifestation and the realistic side of law of attraction.
  7. Processing, honouring and moving through emotions with discernment.


Francesca's heartfelt desire is to empower individuals to navigate and celebrate life and its adversities with more ease and grace, allowing more love, light and joy to flow through them. Her intuitive abilities and numerous years of experience around the world have provided this opportunity for her to be able to hold safe and sacred spaces for all who desire the connection. Metaphysics & Holistic Healing including energy work, yoga, nutrition, essential oils, herbs and overall health and wellness have been part of Francesca’s life for 35 years, having developed her own unique practice of healing arts through her experiences.

In this episode, Francesca Bonta educates us on energy, what it is and how it’s at work in our every day lives (even though we can’t physically see it!). She shares the energy centres (aka Chakras) and what each one represents in our lives. We talk about moving through emotions and clearing energy in order for it to not get congested and drain us. Francesca also reminds us of the importance of doing what we love, thinking less, and feeling more.

Energy is in flow all around us. Not sure? Have you ever stepped into a room and felt the heaviness of a recent argument? Or, have you ever stepped into a room and felt lightness, kindness, and being welcomed? Both of these happen without words yet we can still feel the presence. This is an interesting chat about energy, and an invitation to see how energy is at play in your life now! You can find Francesca on Instagram at @francesca.bonta , or on her website:


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