27 | Your Thoughts Are Not Creating Your Reality.. Your Beliefs Are

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In a day, we average 60,000 thoughts. That is a lot! Thoughts are part of our reality yes. Everything that is in front of you and around you first came from a thought; the couch you're sitting on, the phone in your hand, the car in your driveway. However, it’s when you wholeheartedly BELIEVE the thought that it begins to transform and come into shape, and in this case, shape your reality.. If you think to yourself briefly “I can’t do this,” and then you take a break, practice, dust yourself off, and make another attempt, you aren't believing the thought. It was just a moment in time. If you believed that thought though, you wouldn’t have taken a break you would have just quit altogether.

When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought replace it with a better feeling thought and repeat it to yourself 5 times. This is one way to reprogram your mind and it also helps build awareness in how you're speaking to yourself. It's actually a good thing we can’t instantly manifest from our thoughts, especially since those negative thoughts can sneak up on us. Remember, your thoughts aren’t creating your reality, your beliefs are. Knowing your beliefs create your reality: what thoughts of yours are you going to believe, and which thoughts of yours are you going to start questioning and stop believing?


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