How to Connect to Your Higher Self Through Writing

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Have you ever written in your journal and received a response? Likely not, but you can. And you should!

I’m probably aging myself with this tidbit, but I grew up watching the T.V show Ghostwriter. In each episode, a ghost wrote in the kid’s notebook and they would solve a mystery. I started keeping a journal shortly after that show aired, probably in hopes of a ghost contacting me. A ghost didn’t contact me, but someone else now does.

My Higher Self.

Whether you refer to it as your Higher Self, favourite self, divine self, or inner knowing, it doesn’t matter. Let’s not get hung up on titles. When I refer to Higher Self, I’m referring to our true spirit. The part of us driven by love, compassion, and faith. The part within all of us who knows our inner struggles or doubts, who is aware, and knows the most aligned way forward. I like to think of my Higher Self as a live in best friend, who has the best of intentions and is a judgement free zone.

I write in my journal twice a day, and more times than not, one of those entries are from my Higher Self. This is a regular routine of mine that stemmed from going through my own challenges and bouts of self-doubt. The limiting beliefs crept in, and I didn’t want them to hold me back. So, I did what I love, I wrote, but from a new perspective.

Writing to yourself, from your Higher Self, may seem strange at first, but it has been the quickest way I’ve found to transform doubt into empowerment. Within a few sentences, you will be able to feel your own spirit or mood lift and it was you who did it. Knowing you are in charge of your emotions and mood is bittersweet. Most of us have the tendency to point the finger at those around us, driving us nuts and spoiling our day, but it truly is powerful to understand we are in the driver’s seat.

When you contact the Higher Self, the source of power within, you tap
into a reservoir of infinite power.
~ Deepak Chopra


Benefits of Connecting with your Higher Self:


Benefits I have experienced firsthand, include:


  • Heightened intuition: a knowing that you just can’t explain, nor do you have to.


  • Better understanding of yourself: begin to see patterns, awareness is everything.


  • Grateful: being aware helps us realize, and appreciate, all the wonderful parts of our lives we may not have noticed.


  • Unconditional love: we don’t need to wait until we are perfect to love ourselves. I, personally, am a work in progress, and that’s okay.


  • Bye bye negativity: we can be our own worst critics, but through awareness, there is a softening of compassion.

  • Staying in your own lane: less distractions (ie, caring about celebrity drama, gossip, who has a greater achievement, who looks better, etc.)

Asking you to pick up your pen and journal, and write yourself a letter from your Higher Self, doesn’t seem right without passing along a few tips. Here is what I do before connecting with my Higher Self.

quote about intuition and inner guidance

Six Tips for Connecting to Your Higher Self Through Writing

Tip #1: Take a deep breath, release the urge to plan ahead and write perfectly. This letter is by you and for you.

Tip #2: Trust, that your higher, most favourite, self, knows what you need to hear right now.

Tip #3: Pick a subject, choose a specific challenge, doubt, insecurity, accomplishment, goal, anything. Something you can’t stop thinking about.

Tip #4: Envision, picture yourself speaking to someone you love unconditionally on the same subject you chose. What would you say to them? How would you want them to feel? What energy would you like to shared with them?

Tip #5: Write, don’t overthink! Get into your heart, a place of love, and close your eyes if you need to. Allow words of encouragement, compassion, and understanding, to lead the way.

Tip #6: Repeat often, become your own best friend. You deserve it.


Journal writing is a voyage to the interior
~ Christina Baldwin


Two Samples of Higher Self Entries From my Own Journal:

Sample #1:
You’re doing it! It may appear as though you’ve slowed down, but in actuality, you are rapidly progressing. Many of the old walls that no longer serve their purpose are crumbling, and it can be an odd place, the in-between. Admire the shifts that are happening behind the scenes, as soon you will create a refreshing space built on a foundation of love and abundance rather than fear like the past. Everything happens in stages, be present, enjoy the seemingly small moments, and live in faith that all is working in your favour. You’ll soon be able to see it and not just sense it. I’ve seen it… Trust me, great things are here and great things are coming!


Sample #2:
You are starting to use your voice, and not just verbally. You speak your mind and truth, yes, but there’s more to it than that. You aren’t just saying, “no,” you’re saying, “yes.” You’re saying yes to moments, whole foods, people, and experiences that feel aligned. Your body and your heart tell you when something is right, and you follow it with love and curiosity. In doing so, you are re-learning how to express yourself and it’s never felt better. Am I right?

Now, it’s your turn!

Your Higher Self is waiting to connect with you. Take a deep breath, ask your inner self what you need to hear, and write. Practice makes progress, you just have to start.

Happy journaling!

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