Inspiration Behind The Making of a Grandparent

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What is The Making of a Grandparent?

The Making of a Grandparent is a guided keepsake journal for grandparents. It documents and uncovers their childhood experiences, insights, proudest moment, greatest challenge and so much more. This journal helps share a grandparents story and legacy so it can be passed on for many future generations to enjoy!

Inspiration behind The Making of a Grandparent

After thinking about my granny and grandmother who had both passed away, I realized I wish I had done a few things differently. Ask more questions! All of our conversations seemed to be about my family and our daily lives. I cherish and value the moments and conversations we had together, however, I wish I had been more curious and dug a little deeper with questions about them. 

   What was their childhood like? What experiences shaped them along the way? What are they most proud of? 

Although I could ask my parents and relatives questions about my grandmother's, it just wasn't the same. The stories get filtered and the details just aren't there. The first hand stories are truly irreplaceable. 

   I created the guided keepsake journal The Making of a Grandparent as a tool for others to learn about their grandparents, and strengthen their relationships. Through guided questions and prompts, this journal honours your grandparents journey and insights so that many generations can get to know them as well. Ultimately, I didn't want anyone else having the same regrets that I had.

   Since sharing this journal, I have heard such incredible stories about their other's grandparents life experiences. This journal will ensure that your grandparents stories and spirit live on, which is what we all wish to happen. It also allows future generations to get to know them as well.

   Your grandparents have loved you your whole life, giving their legacy a place to live on is the greatest gift you could give them. 

 I hope you cherish your time with your grandparents and ask as many questions as you can - whether they are seemingly insignificant or silly - you only regret the questions you don't ask. So ask, ask, ask and enjoy The Making of a Grandparent to keep your grandma or grandparent's legacy!

All the best,