Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story
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Do you ever look around a crowded room or grocery store lineup and wonder who everyone is, and what their story entails? Where were they born? What has their week been like? Maybe I take people watching to the next level, but I’m incredibly curious about everyone’s story. It’s not judging, it’s simply appreciating that we all have separate lives, yet together we make up this huge beautiful puzzle on earth.

Why do they look sad right now? What’s put that extra hop in their step? Or what are they passionate about? There are so many questions and so much to learn from one another. I truly believe everyone has a story unique to them that is deserving of celebration and being heard. Is every part of ones story full of joy and good times? Probably not! But it’s all of the experiences, thoughts and feelings that are what shaped us along the way.

Knowing we all have a story is the main reason I smile at pretty much anyone I make eye contact with. Maybe they are having their worst day ever, but a smile from a stranger gives them hope. Or maybe they’re having a wonderful day and exchanging a smile with someone for no reason just makes it that much brighter.
We really have no idea what someone is going through or has gone through. And for that we should judge less, be mindful, be curious and most of all be kind.

I hope you take the time to think about your own story and all of the experiences that have brought you where you are today. It’s not just the milestone moments that make us who we are, it’s the everyday seemingly small moments that encourage who we are. May you celebrate all that you are while appreciating that everyone has a story!

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