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7 Benefits of Becoming Self-Aware

7 Benefits of Becoming Self-Aware

Knowing who you really are through self-discovery is more important than ever. So many of us feel lost, alone, or that we don’t fit in. We listen to the external noise instead of looking and listening within. Whether you’re finding yourself or creating yourself, here are 7 things that happen when you’re self-aware and a few tips to help guide you on your journey.

What Does Knowing Yourself Mean?

Having a relationship with yourself is just as important as your relationship with your family and friends. It’s recognizing thought patterns, being aware of and understanding emotions, knowing your strengths and challenges, and wholeheartedly appreciating your truest self.

Self-discovery can sound intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. It mirrors the exciting stage of getting to know a new partner, finding out their likes/dislikes, showing compassion, and accepting them as they are (quirks and all!).

There are many benefits of knowing your true self, let’s dive in to them!

7 Benefits of Self-Awareness


1. You Start Saying NO

Have you ever found yourself saying yes to something you didn’t really want to do? When we know ourselves, trust ourselves, and value ourselves, we begin to say no without fear or guilt, and with greater confidence. Saying no to things that aren’t aligned with your goals, values and beliefs comes easier with self-discovery because you stay true to yourself and what feels right to you. More saying no to what doesn’t align with yourself, and more saying yes to things that light you up. Tip: Say no, or politely decline an invitation, without giving an explanation.

2. You Don’t Feel The Need To Keep Up With Others

When you discover your true self you no longer feel the urge to keep up with others, fit in, or blend in. You are on your own journey and you know it’s meant to be unique and authentic. There is a lot of pressure in society, on social media, in the workplace, everywhere, to conform. When you’ve discovered your true self you no longer want to conform or fit in, because you know you have your own gifts and spirit and they deserve to stand out. Tip: Check-in with your heart daily.


3. You Have Greater Confidence & Love For Yourself

When you know yourself you face daily challenges with confidence and you love yourself every step of the way. You don’t love yourself because your “perfect” by societies unrealistic standards though, you love yourself because you’ve embraced your perfect imperfections and everything that makes you authentically yourself. Tip: Speak to yourself the way you would to your best friend!


4. You Become More Resilient

Challenges, struggles and mistakes are bound to come up. When you know who you are and trust yourself and your path, you bounce back quicker and with a positive outlook. By knowing yourself, loving yourself and having self compassion, you gain insights, learn the lesson and continue on with your journey. Tip: Journal about your challenges and how you’ve overcome them, feel what needs to be felt.


5. You No Longer Compare Yourself To Others

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. So water and admire your own grass… that includes yourself! When you take care of yourself, physically and emotionally, you no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others. You embrace and accept yourself, and know that your journey and authentic self, is purposely different from everyone else’s. Tip: Compliment friends, family, and strangers often. It will brighten their day and yours!


6. You Make Better Decisions

Once you’ve found or created yourself, you’ll find your decisions are based on what serves you. Many decisions are based on fear, insecurity or uncertainty, but when you know yourself you make decisions with confidence and based on what’s best for you. You make decisions from the heart, and there are no wrong paths when you make a decision from a place of love. Tip: Ask your heart how it feels and trust the feeling.


7. When You Love Yourself, You Show Others How To Love You

When you know yourself you want what’s best for yourself. You treat yourself kindly, with compassion and love and it shows others how you should be treated as well. Knowing and loving yourself is a benefit for having healthier relationships. Tip: Get to know your love language and shower yourself with the love you wish to receive from others.


Tips For Starting Your Self-Awareness Journey

  • Keep a Journal
  • Practice gratitude and mindfulness
  • Explore your passions and interests
  • Reflect on your values and beliefs
  • Ask yourself guided questions (link to journal prompts)
  • Practice self-awareness and self-love

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If you’re ready to discover who you really are, or celebrate your authentic self, please check out our guided self-care journals!


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