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Ep. 08 | The Power of Reconnecting With Your Breath Rikki Andrew

The Spirit Unleashed Podcast with Robyn Liechti



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  • Creating a positive and loving space to pause and take a break from the busyness of life.

  • How to use breath work to check-in with yourself, your emotions, and your intuition.

  • A full body scan YOU can use anywhere to calm your nervous system, ground yourself, and reconnect with your body.


Breath Integration Coach, Rikki Andrew, shares the vulnerable “aha!” moment where she got honest with herself on what she really wanted out of life. In this episode you can't help but feel her passion for supporting others through breath work because she herself has been burnt out, felt unfulfilled, and stuck.

We discuss how most of us take shallow breaths, and what happens to our bodies and spirit when we take an intentional breath. Tune in, take some deep breaths with us, and create a moment of peace for yourself! Rikki closes the episode with a full body scan and I KNOW your body will thank you for it.

Rikki is an enthusiastic and energetic woman with a big heart for serving. She is a mother of two beautiful children and wife. She was a registered nurse for 12 years and has recently shifted into her passion of supporting women through her Breath Coaching and Neora businesses. She is a certified Breath Integration Coach and has been practicing for 4 years, specializing in supporting women to connect to their intuition, create emotional awareness and develop the tools to thrive and live a heart centred life with purpose.

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