About the Author

Robyn Liechti - Author of children's journal The Making of a Grateful Heart & family journal The Making of a Grandparent

Robyn Liechti is a self published Author based in Ontario, Canada, and is the creator of a unique collection of guided journals. She has one goal in her heart; inspire families and children. Robyn is a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, writer and hard worker. What defines Robyn the most is that she is simply herself...Robyn! The one who is always smiling.

Robyn grew up with a love and passion for writing. She found that writing was the best way to express herself and enjoyed writing anything from a short story to journalling in her diary, or even writing a grocery list.

After her "aha!" moment in early 2018 she decided this was her time, and she hasn't looked back since. Robyn has self published the guided journals  "The Making of a Grandparent" and "The Making of a Grateful Heart", as well as her first children's book "More Than Anything". Robyn hopes to encourage families and children to discover gratitude, peace and joy in their daily lives and relationships while honouring their personal stories.

Robyn is extremely passionate about journals because she believes everyone has a story that deserves to be told, even if it's just to keep to oneself. Whether you journal daily, or have never written in one before, her guided journals will help get you started!

Please follow and support Robyn as she embarks on this exciting journey of sharing her love for journals!

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