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We believe everyone has a story that deserves to be told

When was the last time you celebrated... you? We aren't just talking about birthdays either. We mean when was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back, found strength in your past experiences and felt truly empowered looking to your future? We are in a constant circle of filling our days and being busy that we often forget we're human beings going through these moments and experiences. And, the wonderful part (which we often take for granted) is that no one else is living the exact same experience.

And for that, we want you to celebrate your journey through life, embrace your unique story and get excited about YOU! Our guided journals aren't just a pretty face either. They explore your past, present, dreams, goals and insights every step of the way. They double as both a guided keepsake journal that gets to know the real you on a deeper level, and a daily writing journal.

The Journals of Discovery concept will inspire you to:

  • Document your loved ones legacy
  • Create a keepsake book of and for yourself
  • Embrace your personal story
  • Reflect on personal lessons and experiences
  • Get excited about your future 
  • Find your inner strength
  • Share your unique story
  • Focus on the positives in your life
  • Journal!

Want to journal but aren't sure what to write about? Our collection of guided journals are here to help. Each page has inspirational writing prompts to discover your story and blank pages adjacent for additional sharing and reflecting. Journaling is known for it's many benefits, and we're excited to help get you started! 


A home for your grandparents legacy. The Making of a Grandparent is a guided keepsake journal for grandparents to complete about themselves and pass down to their grandchildren. Future generations will enjoy learning about their family history through this unique memory book. The Making of a Grandparent will become your new family heirloom!

Celebrate your strength as a woman. The Making of a Strong Woman is an empowering journal for women to uncover their strength, however it may look to them. We all have varying definitions of strength, and they are all wonderful. Celebrate or find your strength today in this inspirational journal!

Encourage happiness and a positive mindset in your child. The Making of a Grateful Heart is the perfect daily gratitude journal for kids. Through practicing gratitude your child will learn a positive attitude, a growth mindset, thankfulness, appreciation for others and resilience. It's never too early, or too late to encourage gratitude! Start your daily gratitude practice as a family today!

Teachers deserve praise and recognition. The Making of a Teacher is a guided journal for teachers in all stages of their career. It's a great tool for teachers to reflect on their own school years as well as their teaching, challenges, rewards and insights they've discovered along the way.  Teachers are an extremely important part of our community, gift this journal to a teacher to help honour their teaching legacy!

Empower yourself and inspire others by pursuing your dreams through entrepreneurship. The Making of an Entrepreneur and The Making of an Entrepreneur [Boss Babe Edition] are inspirational guided journals to document your journey of entrepreneurship. Find empowerment in your own story while sharing your experiences, startup, struggles, success and insights! A great way to document the many stages of your business!

Every child deserves to feel loved more than anything. More Than Anything is a sweet and silly rhyming book featuring beautiful watercolour illustrations. This book encourages expressing love to one another with guided discussions at the end. Add this cute book to your bedtime routine tonight!

Meet the Author

Robyn Liechti author of Journals of Discovery


Robyn Liechti is a Canadian self published Author based in Ontario, and is the creator of our heartfelt keepsake journals. She has one goal in her heart; inspire families. Robyn is a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, writer and hard worker. What defines Robyn the most is that she is simply herself...Robyn! The one who is always smiling.

Robyn grew up with a love and passion for writing. She found it was the best way to express herself and enjoyed writing anything from a short story, to a journal entry or grocery list. After her "aha!" moment in early 2018 she decided this was her time, and she hasn't looked back since. Robyn hopes to encourage families and children to discover gratitude, peace and celebration in their daily lives and relationships while honouring their personal stories through journaling.

Robyn is extremely passionate about journals because she believes everyone has a story that deserves to be told, whether it's to share with family and friends or to keep to oneself. So, whether you journal daily, or have never written in a journal before, her guided journals will help get you started! These journals are sure to preserve the legacy of you and your loved ones.

Please follow and support Robyn as she embarks on this exciting journey of sharing her love for journals.

View her full collection of journals and children's books!

Thank you,

Best wishes!